Elvin R. Fahie Sr. for Reform

Time for a Change


The quality of educational instruction given today, in my view needs to be seriously evaluated. As many others have concluded, I too, concur that a greater percent of a child’s educational instructions will be administered at home. There is no reason for us to expect that institutions of learning can cover it all.

Giving the limited amount of time allotted for instructions, we will need to build much more schools than we presently have. Of course building schools would just be the beginning of the process. Administrators, staff and teachers are the reason why school systems work.

When elected: I will seek to pass legislation to create a special fund for the sole purpose of paying our teachers. It is very disheartening that our teachers have to threaten striking in order to force our government to pay them timely.

· It is my belief that our children are dropping out of school long before middle and high school. Therefore, I will seek to establish an early year retention program, which will be mandatory in all public schools. This program will require a special group of teachers qualify and experience in early childhood education to teach grades 1—6. An agreed dollar figure will be given as a bonus for teachers in the program.


Over the many years past and present, throughout our community in the Virgin Islands, crime has been a huge problem. It is hard for anyone not to notice the devastation which is the result of violent acts. Everyone great or small, black and white, young and old are all victims, directly or indirectly.

Murder, robberies, home invasion and burglary, domestic violence, drug running, the sale and usage of drugs to name a few; of course the list is longer.

When elected:

I will work hard to pass legislation to reorganize top management positions of the Police Department. I am convinced that Police commissioner’s loyalty to governors who appointed them has impeded their responsible to serve the people of the community.

There is enough evidence to conclude that we have both waited long enough to see the reduction of violent crimes in the territory and to see the positive growth of our police department.

We have seen recently where our governor went shopping off island for a police commissioner; this commissioner was hired at a higher rate of pay than any other commissioner before him and at a significant difference compared to the previous commissioner. The reason given was there was no one present on island to do the job. Months has now past, crime is still at an all time high and the morale of the majority of the police officers is at an all time low.

Prior to the present commissioner another commissioner in the person of James McCall was hired even after evidence and testimonies were presented showing reason why he should not have been hired. Months later McCall was removed from being police commissioner and placed in another position where his decision making could still have an impact on policing and the community.

A modern Crime Lab without doubt will enhance the crime fighting ability of the Police Department. At the same time a modern crime lab will generate revenues for the government, when other agencies outside of our government request the services of the lab.

I will propose and work very hard to pass legislation for a modern Juvenile correction facility. This correctional facility will be a trade school concept with focus on educating and changing the lives of those who are incarcerated.

Social Issues and Family

If there is ever a place in this world where a man, woman or child can be 99.9% sure of love, it is a place call home. If there is ever a structure, which has stood up in adversity, testing, trials and all forces, good and evil and made it through, it is called “Family”. Many hearts and minds have been comforted, with just the thought of home and family.

· As your senator and community leader I pledge to become involved in developing programs which will help rebuild family, homes and positive community enhancement.

· I firmly believe that the role of a senator must go beyond the walls of the office. As long as there are people to be served, leaders must make efforts to reach our citizens; no matter where they are and especially those who cannot get to the office of their senator. I will make myself available to the people I must serve. I pledge to be very accessible and responsive to the needs of all citizens.

· I will want to create programs especially for the young people of our community. I will also seek to engage in a partnership working directly with young people harnessing their talent and ideas to create jobs and businesses to serve their particular needs.

There is an urgent need for us to pay much forgotten attention to families. I will go as far as to say, healthy families does much more for our community and world, than the dollar could ever do.

A Word of Wisdom

Well put, well said. But now a word of wisdom; practice makes perfect; this is what we were taught and what we learn. The reason a clown practice his act is to become good at what he does. Once he masters his act he becomes more skilled and knowledgeable than average.

The same is true about dishonest people and in this instant, politicians, a thief or a liar; the point, those who practice being evasive and fast talking will forever come out as shining stars.

Yes I am for town hall meetings, however to report the progress made to the people or to give them the opportunity to voice their concerns, to share their ideas, tips and expertise.

What is missing for many years from modern politics and for too long is the inclusion of the people, the voices of the people are heard. Let us take a serious look at the matter. The people elect their leaders, the people are the government and the bosses; it is the people who permits those whom are elected to lead.

The conclusion of this matter is, being elected is not a right, even though it may seem to some that they have bought it, they have not. Even if the people errors in their selections they are still the bosses. Finally, service should be honorable; service with humility is most honorable.

Honesty a Must

You have made a very true and powerful statement. I do agree and will add; each person must have honesty and good morale, they also should have pride towards the task they decide to do. Dishonesty, selfishness and greed does show up in each human, however it is self control, honesty, pride and the blessing of God almighty that keep those who possess such attributes from given in.

The days of I like this one better than the other should be evaluated with a few additions. Like must not be the only factor, who, why, when, where and what must be included.

1: who? Who is the person to be considered? 2: why? Why is the person interested in the task? 3: when? When will the person perform the task they pledge or promised to do? 4: where? Where will the priorities of the person be once elected? 5: what? What will the person do when faced with the temptations?

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