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Elvin’s B&B Spaces

All of our spaces are located at the listed address; Estate Nadir 19-AA-2, St Thomas Virgin Islands, 00802. On Google the area is listed as Bidser Rd., locally the area is called Nadir Hill.


In the Garden of Eden you will find “HIDDEN”; we are located at: Estate Nadir 19aa_2 (Nadir Hill) St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. 340-514-8741

One of the vehicles of my fleet

Elvin’s Curtsey Rental Plus

Elvin’s Curtsey Car rental is strictly for guests of Elvin’s B&B Spaces. We heard the cry of our guests, how difficult it has been finding available rentals, as well as battling with the high rental rates.

Hi and welcome to Elvin’s world. On this site you will find an array of my business ventures, and I do hope that you will find something you like, and will be so inclined to patronize one or more of these ventures. Here you will find information concerning our many spaces for booking through the Airbnb platform. If you are a traveler, frequent or otherwise, we believe we have something that will serve your need. Our prices are very low and our service meets the higher standards.

Here you will also find information about our little fun space called “HIDDEN”. “HIDDEN”, is a restaurant that is designed to serve the food needs of our guests and others. We specialize in local Caribbean and West Indians dishes. We also have a variety of fried and baked goods. Our fried and baked goods are especially great, if you are traveling and need to take back home a taste of the islands with you, for that someone special to you. Our fried and baked goods can be pre ordered and be ready for you at the time you are ready to leave for your return to your home or next destination.

For our guests of Elvin’s Hillside Rest & View, we offer a curtsey vehicle for rent; we heard the plight of many of our guests concerning thein unfortunate efforts to find a rental once on island, and the sometime not affordable rates charged by established rental agencies. We believe our rates are great, affordable and will contribute to the overall calming of the mind of our guests, and will help make their stay at our place and their overall vacation better.

Become A Volunteer

Hi friends and supporters, we the H.O.P.E. Political Action Committee, are asking you to volunteer your services to help in our campaign for change and the opportunity to help ordinary people excel.

Inspiration is a quality that is hard to find among peers of this era. Elvin Fahie have dedicated many years towards inspiring every community, organization, friends, and family members.

Please consider making a donation today to support Elvin R. Fahie, Sr. Fahie is on a mission to bring accountability and honesty back to our government. He has also pledge to work very hard to increase tax relief for small businesses helping to grow our economy.


A short moment of sifting through the confusion of modern politics in the US Virgin Islands. Many of our present leaders and many others in past years have exposed the …
We invite you to view our selection of affordable spaces. We provide you choices, our comfortable spaces to include their reasonable nightly rates; sure you can rest easy and worry …
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