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During the course of most campaigns incumbent and aspirant alike have all ventured into what I considered to be dangerous territory. It is almost likely and expected that each candidate will make some promises that are not likely to be fulfilled.  To the wise and prudent, these promises are nothing but hot air. It would seem however that they get away with such practices, because they find in some voters an audience willing to take them at their word. I pledge to you that I will make no vain promises. I further pledge that anything that I pledge to do will be well thought out and attainable. I am quite aware of the misinformation given concerning government finances; therefore there is no true account of what monies are available. I am aware of the fact that it takes more than one law maker to pass any piece of legislation. More than anything else am aware of the struggle and difficulties of having any group of people to agree in an instant on any subject or project; therefore, I will proceed with caution, I will respect the office to which I am elected and for what it represents. Furthermore I will respect you the people whom I represent and pursue every avenue with the same determination working towards a more meaningful and productive life for all. My honest pledge.

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