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Elvin R. Fahie, Sr is a father, a husband and a very kind and caring person. Fahie is also a minister of the Gospel and a very devoted director of the Youth Department at the Bethel   Missionary Baptist Church.

Fahie, Sr. ministry and experience as a youth worker extends over twenty (20) years. Fahie, Sr. is also the lead minister conducting worship service for inmates at the Criminal Justice Center Correction Bureau.

He is the host of the Your Police Show, a talk show heard live each Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on WSTA the Lucky 13 radio station. The show has been on the air for the past nine (9) years and still going strong. The Your Police Show is pure unbiased discussion concerning law enforcement matters and a little more.

Fahie, Sr is a retired Deputy Police Chief whose law enforcement career span over twenty nine plus, (29+) years of police service.

Fahie, Sr. worked in many areas of the police department; his career began when he joined the police department as an Auxiliary police officer.

It did not take long before Fahie, Sr. grew very fond of policing; therefore he joined the official police department and became a Virgin Islands Police Officer.

Fahie, Sr. worked in just about every area of assignment in the police department. In the patrol division he was assigned to Zone A, B, C and D.

Assignment to special areas and bureau, Fahie, Sr was assigned to the following, School Security Bureau, Traffic Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Special Operations Bureau, (Tactical Team leader/supervisor).

Assigned under the police commissioner’s office; Fahie, Sr. was an instructor for Preliminary Investigation and Patrol Procedures at the Virgin Islands Police Training Academy. He also was supervisor for the Internal Affairs Bureau. Fahie, Sr., retired with the title of Deputy Police Chief a position he held for four years.

After retirement Fahie was employed at the University of the Virgin Islands where he held the position of chief of the University police/security force.

Fahie, Sr. seeks to be elected as senator to the Virgin Islands 30th legislature in the upcoming 2012 general election.

Let use not only talk change but make it happen. This time is our time, we must change.

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