A short moment of sifting through the confusion of modern politics in the US Virgin Islands. Many of our present leaders and many others in past years have exposed the true folly of their brand of politics; they have uncovered their exact dishonesty, branded in the negative our government and betrayed the trust of our people. They have cause shame to fall on our treasured Virgin Islands and a dark cloud of dismay looms continuously over the territory.

The United States “Virgin” Islands, treasured gems offering sun, sand and clear blue water to all, residents and visitors. These virgins now wail and are considered foolish. Their bridegrooms have robbed, used and abused them and now that there is no more oil in their lamps, they are left alone as their lights flickers and are swiftly going out.

Many of us have seen these Islands grown holding their own amidst the many giants of the world. We have no huge manufacturing factories, there are no hidden minerals or natural resources beneath our spaces of earth, we do not possess great masses of land to host the production of farm and agriculture goods, finally, we are sure not attached to mother America by an umbilical cord, therefore there is no uninterrupted feeding or flow of money.

Over the last few months we have seen what I hope is our lowest; it will sure break my heart to see any lower. We have experienced the shame of our law enforcers being arrested at an alarming rate; we have witness how easy it is for leaders whom we trust to manage our day to day affairs, to steal from us and then lie to comfort their own greed.

The serenity, the honesty, the neighborly living and looking out for each other has sure gotten away, far away from us. Our present leaders have prostituted these islands to a point where they are as a woman who has lost her virginity, scorned and have fallen from grace.

The characteristics that had earned our beautiful islands their place among others that have earned the right to be called virgin are long soaked up in the greed of those who thought it nothing to defile, tampered with and finally prostituted away the virginity of these beloved virgins, causing them to fall from grace.

However, there must be some of us who must be willing and is capable of looking beyond the fault of those who have committed such atrocity and see the present and future needs of these islands, our home.

The work to return these islands, our territory to its’ rightful status and back to grace is not going to be easy; we can no longer wait for old promises to kick in. we cannot chance it, we must not take a pathway to the same old lies and dishonest behavior.

If the most learned politicians and good party politics equals to elected officials only helping them self and those in their immediate circle; then it is the brand of politics we do not need, it is the brand of politics we must reject by showing up to the pole on election day and vote a vote of rejection for all those who have practiced personal politics in the past and have prostituted our beloved virgins..     


Retired law enforcer, minister of the gospel, youth worker, business man.

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